Armenian Government Reduced State Financial Support for Lake Sevan Ecosystem Preservation and Recovery

Armenian Government Reduced State Financial Support for Lake Sevan Ecosystem Preservation and Recovery


The Armenian Government is reducing the state financial support for the preservation and recovery of Lake Sevan ecosystem. On 28 September the Armenian Government approved 'On Approving Annual and Complex Programs for Recovery, Conservation, Reproduction and Use of Lake Sevan Ecosystem for 2018', according to which in 2018 the state budget won't allocate funds for cleaning 93 ha of flooded forest land area subject to cleaning in Lake Sevan littoral area (in 2017 the state budget planned 125,400,000 AMD for the cleaning of the flooded forest area), as well as for the cleaning of other flooded buildings and infrastructures left under the water. As the same time, the programme rationale says, 'Most masses of organic substances left under the water pose danger to the lake in terms of water pollution. Numerous buildings and infrastructures left under the water also pose serious problems. At the same time, it's necessary to improve the situation related to the discharge of large amounts of wastewater into the lake to increase the water quality. Currently, all the cleaning station available in the surroundings of the lake don't operate.'

In 2018, around 65 million less AMD will be allocated for the operation and preservation of Arpa-Sevan Tunnel. If in 2017 the budget allocated 270,500,000 AMD, in 2018 the budget plans only 205,800,000 AMD for this purpose.

Both in 2017 and 2018 the state budget won't allocated any funds for establishing new forest layers in the surroundings of Lake Sevan.

Starting from 2016 the government hasn't provided any funds for the recovery of fish reserves in Lake Sevan and it will do the same in 2018.

Till 2015 annually 60 million AMD was allocated from the state budget to let out 500,000 items of young fish into Lake Sevan. Since 2016 young fish has been let out into Lake Sevan in the frames of cage net trout breeding program. By the way, Lake Sevan Trout Recovery and Fish Breeding Development Foundation, which is implementing this program, has proposed to carry out monitoring of probable disease spread in Lake Sevan among the measures for 2018 aimed at the preservation of Lake Sevan ecosystem. Nevertheless, this proposal was rejected because of non-availability of funds.

It should be mentioned that one of the risks of cage-net fish breeding is the incubation of fish diseases and parasites and the spread of these diseases from farmed fish to wildlife fish species.

17:22 September 29, 2017


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