"Sevan Trout" Deviated from Project Indicators: What Are Reasons?


“Trout Resource Rehabilitation and Fish Breeding Development” the expected sales volumes had somewhat missed the projected targets for a number of reasons, such as fishing, fish diseases, irregular abstraction of the rivers, and fungal problem, as Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan was reported during his working visit paid to Gegharkounik Region.

Prioritizing the effective implementation of the aforementioned Lake Sevan Trout Reserves Rehabilitation and Fishery Development Program, the Prime Minister told the stakeholders to submit a profitability forecast report in order to discuss the matter at the forthcoming meeting, as the official website of the Armenian Prime Minister informs.

The PM has been reported that about 2,355,000 fingerlings were released in the period between 2015 and 2018. The ecological problems faced in the Lake Sevan Basin were identified. In addition, water quality control measures have been implemented; a 50-pound fertilizer plant operating under the 1st water-closed circulation system in Armenia has been built, and a grass-root farm has been established, followed by relevant marketing efforts. It was noted that the actual amount of fish was 92 tons as of July 1, 2018.

The project is being implemented by Sevan Ishkhan and Sevan Aqua closed joint-stock companies, established by the Trout Resource Rehabilitation and Fish Breeding Development Foundation. Note that the Foundation has been allocated 9 billion drams from the Government Reserve Fund to implement a complex program in 2013-2017.

18:39 September 10, 2018


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