Nikol Pashinyan: "I Hope There Won't Be Need for Additional Water Intake from Lake Sevan"

Nikol Pashinyan:


On his Facebook page, RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan posted about the water outlets from Lake Sevan noting, “As of August 2 of this year, a total of 82.64 million cubic meters of water were withdrawn from Armenia's largest Lake of Sevan for irrigation purposes, which is by 45 million cubic meters less than the volume of water withdrawn from the lake in the same time span of 2018. The amount of water release from the lake set by law is 170 million cubic meters a year. I hope that this year we will not be forced to make additional releases from Sevan. This hope is inspired by the weather and the improved water management efforts. It will be much better if we manage to make water withdrawal less than the amount set by the law," he said.

It should be added that as of 9 August, 88.184 million cum water has been let out of Lake Sevan, the lake level makes up 1900.74 meters, which is higher by 3 cm than the level for the same day last year – 1900.71 m. 144.284 million cum water has flown into the Arpa-Sevan tunnel this year.

15:16 August 09, 2019


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