Current Water Usage in Ararat Valley Still Exceeds Permissible Volumes

Current Water Usage in Ararat Valley Still Exceeds Permissible Volumes


Around 980.24 million m3/t water has been saved due to water saving measures held in Ararat Valley, nevertheless, the current water usage still exceeds the permissible volumes, while measures aimed at reducing them still continue, as RA Nature Protection Minister Artsvik Minasyan said at the working meeting with the Armenian President.

As the Information and Public Relations Department of RA Nature Protection Ministry informs, the Armenian President discussed several topics with the Nature Protection Minister such as measures aimed at the preservation and recovery of Lake Sevan ecosystem and gave relevant assignments.

During his report, the Minister presented the prospective project on converting Sevan National Park to a biospheric reserve.

The Armenian President gave assignments to launch works on establishing a unified forest management system and presented the pilot project on delegating the surveillance of three risk branches to a private guard company, as well as to make active works on nature- foreign debt mechanism enforcement, which will enable to direct some bilateral loaning obligations of Armenia to the solution to the environmental problems in Armenia.


18:19 October 09, 2017


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