Lake Sevan Level Decreasing Day by Day: Reduction of 8 Cm

Lake Sevan Level Decreasing Day by Day: Reduction of 8 Cm


Only in 26 days the level of Lake Sevan decreased by 8 cm: EcoLur continues tracking the decrease in Lake Sevan level because of water intakes. In 2017 Lake Sevan had the highest indicator – it reached the height of 1900.91 meters in June, but the lake level started decreasing starting from 21 July making up 1900.83 meters.

This reduction is conditioned with the water intake implemented for irrigation: so far 141.595 million cum water has been taken out of Lake Sevan, out of which 0.741 million is non-regulated leak. The amount of water flowing into Lake Sevan makes up 95.414 million cum, out of which 15.396 million cum is groundwater flow and 80.018 million cum is the water flowing through Arpa-Sevan aqueduct. It should be mentioned that starting from 5 July no water has flown into Lake Sevan through Arpa-Sevan aqueduct, which operated only for 3 months - from April to the beginning of July. Meanwhile this tunnel is designed to direct water through Kechout reservoir a part of Arpa and Yeghegis Rivers into Lake Sevan - an aggregate amount of 250 million cum water annually.

16:54 July 21, 2017


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