Alarm Signal: Lake Sevan in Process of Waterlogging

Alarm Signal: Lake Sevan in Process of Waterlogging


'Algal bloom in Lake Sevan shows that the lake has proceeded to waterlogging. The algal bloom has started in Lake Sevan since 1964, once every 2-3 years, but not to the extent it has happened this year. This is the apex,' 'Association for Sustainable Human Development' NGO President Karine Danielyan said in her interview with EcoLur.
The algal bloom is conditioned with several factors: biological, the absence of chemical cleaning stations which are out of order after the collapse of the Soviet Union, a decrease in Lake Sevan level and high temperature.

After 2012, the lake level was reduced three times by about 3-5 cm. Actually, there are several scenarios in the lake: decrease in level, extreme deterioration of water quality, this year we have also had an unprecedented increase in temperature and, as a result, we had such blooming,' Karine Danielyan said.

In 2008, Lake Sevan reached its highest peak on 20 June – 1900.85m and, preserving this indicator for several days, the lake level started reducing. As of 31 July, the lake level decreased by 11 cm making up 1900.74m. The lake level is lower by 4 cm as compared with the level it had the same day last year. Currently, 120.380 million cum water has been let out into Ararat Valley from Lake Sevan for irrigation purposes. Around 113.578 million cum water has flown into Lake Sevan through Arpa-Sevan aqueduct. Currently, the aqueduct doesn't transfer any water into Lake Sevan, whereas it is designed to transfer up to 300 million cum water into Lake Sevan.

This year it has been planned to take the statutory amount of water from Lake Sevan, maximum up to 170 million cum water, nevertheless, Water Committee of RA Ministry for Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources made a legislative initiative, which plans to add the amount of water outlets out of Lake Sevan by 85 million cum making the total volume of water outlets by 255 million cum.

The additional water intake can be a disastrous strike for the sick lake. S.O.S Sevan initiative will hold a consultation at 12:00 on 1 August at EcoLur Press Club to discuss the threats posed to Sevan and to find solutions.

19:11 July 31, 2018


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