Who Water Committee Blames of Water Losses

Who Water Committee Blames of Water Losses


As of 8 October 2018, 195.757 million cum water was let of Lake Sevan for irrigation purposes instead of the planned 210 million cum: the additional water intake has made up 25.757 million cum, while the remaining 14.243 cum water is saved for autumn sowing.

Reminder: the statutory limit of the water intake out of Lake Sevan is 170 million cum. This year the additional water intake out of Lake Sevan will make up 40 million cum. In the irrigation season, Sevan-Hrazdan hydrocascade gets water supply from Lake Sevan, which consists of 7 stations with an aggregate capacity of 561 MW. The cascade is operated by 'International Energetic Corporation' CJSC. This very company manages the valve of the water let out of Lake Sevan.
Water Committee Chair Inessa Gabayan told EcoLur, 'We tell them we need this amount of water and they open the water of Lake Sevan with a valve. They must operate with an irrigation regime, but they change the regime, keep the valve closed in order to collect water in the reservoir and to let it out at once in order to increase the energy conversion efficiency of the aggregates of the power station and to produce more electricity. As a result, all our canals get worn off. The water reaches the villages with losses because of the change in the water level.'

Inessa Gabayan sees the solution to the problem of water outlets out of Lake Sevan in the solution of technical issues such as the construction of new tailing dumps, prevention of water overuse by the fish farms in Ararat artesian basin, rehabilitation of the worn-off irrigation system.
'Irrigation system needs continuous investments. The state is not able to maintain the system by its own: loans are needed, besides loans, business investments may be possible. There are interested organizations and investors who want to repair and re-equip pumping station, but they must have an opportunity to get back the money they have invested over some period of time,' Inessa Gabayan said.

11:19 October 09, 2018


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