Lake Sevan Started Receiving Water through Arpa-Sevan Aqueduct

Lake Sevan Started Receiving Water through Arpa-Sevan Aqueduct


On April 4, Lake Sevan started receiving water via Arpa-Sevan aqueduct: 0.108 million cum water has flown into the lake from the tunnel. As of 4 April, the lake level makes up 1900.47 cm which is lower by 7 cm as compared with the level on the same day last year – 1900.54 cm. Nevertheless, it is higher by 10 cm than the lowest level recorded at the beginning of 2019 - 1900.37 cm.

It should be mentioned that on average, annually 200 million m3 water had been transferred to Lake Sevan starting from the day of Arpa-Sevan tunnel operation till 2011. In 2011-2016 rehabilitation works were carried out. In these years, annually around 110 million m3 water was transferred into the lake. Since 2017 works aiming at reservoir capacity increase have launched, which is planned to finish this year. The performance of these works will enable to make the capacity of the tunnel from 13 m3/s to 19.5-20 m3 water and to transfer more water in the course of spring melting thus ensuring annually up to 250 million m3 water.

17:42 April 04, 2019


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