Armenian Prime Minister on Lake Sevan

Armenian Prime Minister on Lake Sevan


“Lake Sevan is one of the touristic attractions having big potential, as well as one of the most picturesque places in our country. Nevertheless, we should confess today that Lake Sevan and its surroundings, shores have been exposed to the processes taking place in Armenia for over 30 years. Now, our number one task is to make the littoral area of Lake Sevan compliant to the status when Lake Sevan will become one of the most significant symbols of Armenia as a place of attraction and a huge resource of freshwater,” Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan said at the “My Step for Gegharkounik Region” Investment and Business Conference being held today in Gegharkounik Region. He also noted, “In new Armenia, environmental criteria are specific for us, as nature protection and the compliance of the Republic of Armenia to the best environmental international criteria is a real priority for us and it requires industrious and long-lasting work from us. We have enough will to accomplish this work up to the end.”

13:54 May 11, 2019


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