Registration of Fish Reserves Not To Be Carried in Lake Sevan

Registration of Fish Reserves Not To Be Carried in Lake Sevan


RA Nature Protection Ministry didn’t announce any contest for the limitation of permissible limits for the registration and use of the crawfish and fish reserves in Lake Sevan for 2019. This means that next year we won’t have any permissible hunting limit for fish and crawfish in the lake, as Head of Institute of Hydroecology and Ichthyology of NAS RA Evelina Ghukasyan said at the trial of the case “On Hazards Threatening Lake Sevan Having Strategic Significance for Armenia” held by Public Environmental Court on 8 May.

The assessment of the bioresource reserves in Lake Sevan has been carried out by Institute of Hydroecology and Ichthyology of NAS RA and data have been presented when the recovery of the reserve of a given species is feasible. Nevertheless, this year that kind of assessment won’t be carried out.

“We can see free sale of the whitefish and crawfish. “We can see there is no ban for whitefish fishing in the lake at all. As a responsible organization, we currently don’t know whether or not there is a ban of whitefish fishing in the lake. When December comes, we are told to write e letter why the fishing of the whitefish shall be banned from December to January. And we write the reason – season of reproduction: but why it is not banned before that period or whether or not it is banned? This fact remains open.”

According to Evelina Ghukasyan, it is necessary to ban fishing whitefish for two years so as this species is able to reproduce.

Speaking about the decrease in crawfish reserves he mentioned that the used fishing means simply destroy crawfish and the Institute has been beating an alarm signal about this since 2014: nevertheless, the sale of crawfish continues in shops.

17:27 May 13, 2019


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