22 March - World Water Day: This Year's Topic "Water and Climate Change"

22 March  - World Water  Day:   This Year's Topic


On March 22, the world celebrates World Water Day. The theme of 2020 is "Water and Climate Change".
Water resources in Armenia are also affected by climate change. Warerlogging processes have intensified in Lake Sevan- freshwater repository considered a strategic priority for Armenia due to both artificially lowering the lake level and global warming. The fullness of the reservoirs is also low.
According to the data of March 20, the reservoirs of Armenia are low except for Akhuryan reservoir.
According to the Third National Communication on Climate Change, river flows are projected to decrease by 11.9% by 2030, by 24% by 2070 and by 37.8% in 2100. Today the citizens of Armenia are fighting for the protection of their fundamental right to water.
One striking example of this right is the fight against Amulsar project: a fight for clean nature, for clean rivers and reservoirs, Lake Sevan, and mineral water.

March 22, 2020 at 17:20