Lake Sevan Level Decreased by 25 Cm

Lake Sevan Level Decreased by 25 Cm


The level of Lake Sevan has already decreased by 25 cm: as of 30 August 2017, the level of Lake Sevan makes up 1900.66 meters, which is lower by 25 cm as compared with the highest level of Lake Sevan in June. The lake level started decreasing because of the water outlets from Sevan. This year 270 million cum water intake will be carried out instead of statutory-set 170 million cum water. Already 242.291 million cum water has been let out of the lake. In 2017 80. 018 million cum water has flowed into the lake through Arpa-Sevan aqueduct, while the underground flow made up 19.076 million cum.
It should be mentioned that the lake level needs to be raised up to 1905 meters by 2030 to ensure lake sustainability taking into consideration the height of the wave.

14:45 August 30, 2017


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