Active Civil Society in Sevan Launching New S.O.S Sevan Campaign

Active Civil Society in Sevan Launching New S.O.S Sevan Campaign


The active civil society is launching a new campaign, S.O.S Sevan, declaring that our national strategic priority – Lake Sevan is facing new challenges.

First, the Armenian Government wants to take an additional 1 billion cum water out of Lake Sevan explaining it with the additional collected water amounts.

Second, the government has put into circulation the protocol draft resolution of the Armenian Government entitled 'Concept Paper on Reforms and Development of 'Sevan' National Park', according to which a biospheric area will be established on the basis of Sevan National Park and urban development will be carried out in the national park area.
Thirdly, the EIA of 'Sevan Cage Net Fish Breeding Economy' submitted by 'Sevan Aqua' CJSC and the EIA for the selection economy and the construction of open-air pools in Lake Sevan area submitted by 'Sevan Trout' CJSC, which both contain risks for Lake Sevan.
The activists from Martuni, Gavar, Artsvanist, Verin Getashen and other regional communities together with 'EcoLur' Informational NGO and CEE Bankwatch Network Experts Fidanka Batcheva and Manana Kochladze discussed the environmental problems at Gegharkounik-based 'Martuni Women's Community Council'. They outlined that during the parliamentary election campaign they met all political parties with signs saying 'Your Hands off Lake Sevan', 'Dismantle All Illegal Buildings Constructed on Lake Sevan', 'Dismantle ALL Artificial Fish Farms Constructed in Lake Sevan', 'Exclude any Gold Ore Dressing in Sotq'.
'An artificial fish farm operates in Lake Sevan, where the fish are fed with nitrogen and phosphorus and the hormones are dumped into the lake...Our fish have double size, we have never had fish of such sizes in Lake Sevan. Clean freshwater is being polluted, which is more expensive nowadays than gold...A biospheric area will be established in Lake Sevan without taking us into consideration. They should have come and ask each of us whether or not we want to, they should have explained to us what the benefits and drawbacks are, they should have presented it all. If damage prevails, there is nothing to think about. No money and job can replace us our Lake Sevan...They want to let out 1 billion cum water out of Lake Sevan, artificially decrease Lake Sevan level so as to save their buildings and hotels. Arpa-Sevan tunnel, hasn't been constructed for fun, rocks have been exploded for 48 km to save Sevan...

…According to the law, it's permitted to take only 170 million cum water. In case of water outlet of 1 billion cum water, Sevan will have a negative balance. The Nature Protection Ministry has issued a drastically negative opinion on the decrease in the water level, which will cause water problems. We had requested the Energy Ministry what they substantiations were, which had been submitted to the Prime Minister. They replied back to us that they will produce much electricity and earn much money...Their reply clearly shows what their objectives are – they will operate Sevan-Hrazdan hydrocascade to produce electricity...'
Here are Gegharkounik residents' concerns on the new initiatives in regard to Lake Sevan.

June 12, 2017 at 17:41