Lake Sevan Has Blossomed Up

Lake Sevan Has Blossomed Up


'Lake Sevan has blossomed up, but the situation was not like this in June,' Satik Badeyan, a member of S.O.S. Sevan initiative and member of Gegharkounik-based 'Territorial Development and Research Center' NGO, is beating an alarm signal.

When the bill on the additional water intake from Lake Sevan was being prepared, the State Committee on Water Industry was assuring that the additional water outlet won't have any negative impact on the lake in the qualitative terms. Now it's obvious that the warning of S.O.S. Sevan initiative on the waterlogging of the lake is turning into reality.

There are several very severe impacts on Lake Sevan: first of all, these are water outlets from Lake Sevan. Under Hydromet Service, as of 7 July already 251,762 million cum water had been taken from the lake for the irrigation season. The highest level of the lake of 1900.91 meters has decreased by 28 centimeters.

Second, the negative impact of a large number of tourists on Lake Sevan in the summer season. As no sewage cleaning is being carried out on the littoral areas of Lake Sevan rest zones, they are dumped into Lake Sevan.

Third, artificial forage containing nitrogen and phosphorus is used for fish breeding in cage nets in Lake Sevan, which causes lake water logging.

Photo by Satik Badeyan

16:40 September 07, 2017


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