Health Ministry Urging Not To Swim in Algae-Covered Areas in Lake Sevan

Health Ministry Urging Not To Swim in Algae-Covered Areas in Lake Sevan


The Health Ministry, referring to the green color of the lake due to the spread of green algae in some littoral areas of Lake Sevan, is urging the citizens to refrain from swimming in such areas.

'The following symptoms may arise in case of swimming in such water: asthma, eye irritation, rash, particularly around mouth and nose, skin irritation and allergic reactions. In case of swallowing water negligently you may have the following symptoms: stomachache, vomiting, temperature, diarrhea, throat ache, headache, muscle and joint ache problems with liver,' the press release of the ministry says.

RA Nature Protection Ministry presented the results of the initial research on the composition of nitrogen and phosphorus in Lake Sevan as of July 2018. According to the results, in the spring of 2018 as compared with the same time period of the last year, the concentration of phosphate and ammonium ions have increased, while the drastic increase in temperature has established favorable conditions for the intense 'blossoming' of the lake.

It should be mentioned that as of 25 July the level of Lake Sevan is lower by 5 cm as compared with the indicator for the same day of the last year, 1900.81 m, and it currently makes up 1900.76m.

17:27 July 25, 2018


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