Martuni Town Intends to Refuse from Services of "Veolia Jur" CJSC

Martuni Town Intends to Refuse from Services of


Martuni Town, Gegharkounik Region, intends to refuse from the services of “Veolia Jur” CJSC, as Martuni Mayor Armen Avetisyan told EcoLur. “In the past they didn’t allow the sewage system of Geghhovit community join Martuni sewage system, so where the sewage pipeline of Geghhovit finished, from that section on it flows into Martuni Town in brooklets. Only 100-meter-long sewage pipeline must be laid and this problem can be solved, but there is nobody to construct and to pay for these 100 meters. “Veolia Jur” CJSC refuses from making investments reasoning it with the fact they are obliged to perform service in line with the contract concluded with the state. If the company performs only service without any investments, we won’t work with this company, the municipality itself will organize water supply and discharge matters,” Martuni Mayor Armen Avetisyan said. Recently this matter has been discussed with newly-appointed Gegharkounik Regional Head, Martuni town administration and the representatives of “Veolia Jur” company at Martuni Municipality. Gegharkounik Regional Head Ishkhan Saghatelyan said that the parties shall work under the conditions of mutual understanding. It’s clear that the servicing party, in some cases, should meet the needs of the population and town administration until we can find the most effective solutions with joint efforts.”

June 28, 2018 at 19:51