Alaverdi Copper Smelting Workers Blocked Interstate Road and Railroad

Alaverdi Copper Smelting Workers Blocked Interstate Road and Railroad


There is a protest demonstration in Alaverdi Town, Lori Region: Alaverdi copper smelting plant workers have blocked the interstate road and the railroad. As 'Community Integration and Support Center' NGO Director Oleg Dulgaryan said in his interview with EcoLur, the main reason for the protest demonstration is the hearsay about the closedown of the plant. 'It's already two days since there have been rumors spread among the workers that the copper smelting plant will be closed down. The company hasn't clearly commented on this news, but, the main reason seems to be the large fine imposed by Environmental and Mining Inspection. According to the rumours, the company said it can't work like that and the plant shall be closed down. But now the interstate rod and railroad are closed. The demand of the plant workers is only one: not to close down the plant,' Oleg Dulgaryan said.

Reminder: The plant was fined last month by Environmental Inspection Body in the amount of 387 million AMD. This body adjunct to the government found out that over the recent 3 years the plant emissions exceeded the permissible limit of emissions by 15 times and caused serious damage to the environment.

A public discussion was held in Alaverdi upon the initiative of the Environmental Inspection Body and its Head Arthur Grigoryan stated that the company had been instructed to take measures in the near future to eliminate the violations. Whereas today the company heads say that they can’t perform the assignments of the Environmental Inspection Body: the emissions, which exceed the permissible limit by 15 times, can’t be reduced as it means to reduce productivity, which will be harmful to the company.

It should be mentioned that both Alaverdi copper smelting plant, as well as the property of 'Teghout' CJSC owned by Vallex are pledged at the Russian VTB Bank. 

 Photo by Oleg Dulgaryan

14:24 October 10, 2018


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