Highest Rate of Cancer Recorded in Lori Region

Highest Rate of Cancer Recorded in Lori Region


As of 2017, the highest record in cancer diseases has been recorded in Lori Region – 367 cases, followed by Kotayq Region – 317, Shirak and Yerevan, 300 and 293 cases, respectively, said Correspondent Member of NAS RA HAyrapet Galstyan at the annual general meeting of Department for Natural Sciences of NAS RA held on 25 March when presenting the report entitled “Epidemic Image of Cancer Diseases in Armenia”.

“According to the progress forecasts, the number of primary patients in Armenia will make up 9000 in 2022 thus recording an increase in around 20%. As of 2017, around 8400 primary patients with cancer are recorded in the country while this figure for 1995 was 4705. In the course of these years, cancer rate has increased by 178 percent,” Hayrapet Galstyan said.

The first line in cancer rate is lung cancer: as compared with 1991, the cancer rate increased by 73 percent in 2017. The second line goes to breast cancer – 619 primary patients recorded in 1995, 1118 in 2017 - the disease rate increased by 80%. The cases of prostate cancer have also increased: in 1991, prostate cancer was in the 11th line, while in 2017 it already took the 7th line. This year there are 322 cases recorded, the increase has made up 65%. It is one of 5 most common cancer types in Armenia recently.

Under the scientist, the way out to decrease the rate of these diseases is the introduction of state screening programs. 'These programs shall be based and directed at the prevention and detection of most common tumors in this region. These regions will support the prevention of cancer generation, their early detection and effective treatment,' Galstyan noted.

The rate of cancer diseases has a tendency to increase worldwide that's why it has acquired not only health but also state significance. Not only environmental harmful factors have a primary significance in this regard but also food and water, a high concentration of metals and toxic substances in them.

Under the WHO, in 2018 12 million primary patients with cancer diseases were recorded, 7 million patients died. It noted that in 2030 the number of primary patients will reach 21.4 million while 13.2 million patients will die.

18:51 March 26, 2019


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