Akhtala Ore Dressing Combine Trying To Suppress Oleg Dulgaryan?

Akhtala Ore Dressing Combine Trying To Suppress Oleg Dulgaryan?


“Community Unity and Support Center” NGO President Oleg Dulgaryan informed that the employees of Akhtala Ore Dressing Combine are spreading rumors that he intends to close down Akhtala Ore Dressing Combine. “People say either the combine will be closed down or, if you can, oppose Oleg, otherwise we can’t do anything.”

Reminder: in July this year the working group consisting of “Community Unity and Support Center” NGO headed by Oleg Dulgaryan, as well as “EcoLur” Informational NGO and Czech “Arnika” NGO together with the experts of the Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague visited Sanahin, Engels neighbourhoods in Alaverdi community and Aqori residential area affected by mining, where took samples from the soil in the personal plots, vegetables, fruit, greens, as well as biosamples to analyze the presence of harmful chemical substances for the environment. The findings of the research will be published by the end of 2019. In case of proving the environmental pollution as a result of the operations of mining existing in the region, the local can call upon to courts and demand compensation from the polluters – mining companies. In this regard, Oleg Dulgaryan wrote, “Dear Combine employees, if there such claims or statements that I want to close down the plant and stop its operations, I can declare with all the responsibility that this is a provocation: nothing like that exists. For many reigns during the administration of different owners I and my like-minded fellows have been beating alarm signals and will beat alarm signals about those environmental problems which exist in different residential areas of Akhtala optimized community.”

16:53 August 02, 2019


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