Dalma Gardens Beating Alarm Signal

Dalma  Gardens Beating Alarm Signal


There is a new wave of destruction in Dalma Gardens. Construction in the Dalma Gardens has destroyed a statue of historic and cultural value several days ago. Until then, the green belt had been devastated with its more than twenty-year-old fruit trees, as Director of Dalma-Sona Foundation Ruzanna Ghazaryan and Head of Public Awareness and Monitoring Center Marie Chakryan informed.

"Green mass - 20-year-old trees are being destroyed by bulldozers near Dalma Mall, near Tsitsernakaberd highway," Marie Chakryan posted on her Facebook page. In an interview with EcoLur she noted that there is extensive site development in the area. “We have sent inquiries to Yerevan Municipality about Dalma Gardens, including any development and landscaping projects. They replied that they did not have information. And now they say it's their own territory,” she said. According to her, they also beat an alarm signal to Yerevan Municipality, but they did not answer anything.

In a conversation with EcoLur, Yerevan Municipality spokesperson Hakob Karapetyan confirmed that the site has a landlord, and according to Armenian legislation the landlord has the right to treat the vegetation of his land as he wishes. “The landowner intends to carry out multi-apartment, multi-functional development there. It has no construction permits yet, but has an estimate. And he has a preliminary design of what he intends to build there. According to this design, at least 60% of the territory will be landscaped and a large garden will be established,” Karapetyan said.

Photo of Design Provided by Hakob Karapetyan

Photo is taken from Mary Chaqryan Facebook Page.

November 18, 2019 at 12:48