No Public Hearings for SHP Construction in Byurakan

No Public Hearings for SHP Construction in Byurakan


No public hearings were held on “Amberd” SHP construction project in Byurakan. This information was passed to EcoLur from Public Relations Department of Nature Protection Ministry. The alarm signal was beaten from Byurakan on Facebook by activist Apres Zohrabyan on 18 April. “The public hearings on the construction of SHHP in Orgov Gorge. We don’t know who the owner is, under some information it belongs to Aghvan Hovsepyan. All the villagers oppose to this SHHP, as our land areas are endangered, which are irrigated from river water. The villagers headed for the construction site to oust the heavy machinery,” the post says. Despite the statement on not having any public hearings, the construction works have already launched. As Apres Zohrabyan told EcoLur, “If water is taken from this section, the village will be left without irrigation water. There will be too few water.” It would be noted that three SHHPS have been constructed on the Amberd River – Amberd 1,2 and 3. The licenses have been issued to “Amberd HHP” LLC.

20:05 April 19, 2013


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