New Hazard of Collapses in Gyumri

New Hazard of Collapses in Gyumri


Gyumri town has territories, which collapse, sink or waterlog. The reason is the high level of ground waters located under the town. There are waters and brooks flowing under Gyumri town, which were taken away from the down in the late 19th century through the system of tunnels built in Gyumri in the beginning of the 20th century. These are underground tunnels, through which underground waters flew out of the town and were used for irrigation purposes, sometimes for drinking purposes. As Gyumri Aarhus Center Coordinator Gevorg Petrosyan told EcoLur, the system of underground tunnels was damaged after the quake in 1998. “Some parts have been blocked, filled with water and now there is no way for waters to flow out of the town territory. Some parts of the town have now waterlogged areas. Recently we have received an alarm signal from the central part of the town, Ring of Peace, about high humidity in that area: ground waters even come out to the surface,” Gevorg Petrosyan said. Under him, the government is aware of this problem, but no measures are taken due to the absence of financial funds.

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11:40 April 29, 2013


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