Dilijan International School May Collapse At Any Time

Dilijan International School May Collapse At Any Time


Dilijan International School may collapse at any time, as Ruben Yadoyan, a representative of “Engineer-Geologist” Company, PhD in Geological and Mineral Sciences, said at the press conference held at EcoLur Press Club on 5 December. “The more Dilijan is beautiful, the more dangerous it’s in the viewpoint of the geological structure. This enormous building is constructed immediately on one of the most hazardous landslips,” the geologist said. Under him, the building of the Central Bank in Dilijan is also constructed in the landslip zone.

“I have told the bank the building they are constructing is located directly on the landslide and warned nothing is permitted to construct there unless anti-landslide measures are applied, but they seem not to understand. They want to spend some money on   anti-landslide measures, instead they blow millions on constructing a bank and a school, they applaud themselves without caring about the future,” Ruben Yadoyan said. Under the conditions of such risks, he qualified the actions of the site developers as “outrage”. “Without thinking people waste millions and they believe, if they have money, they are allowed to do everything, i.e. the landslide and the hazard don’t threat them,” said Ruben Yadoyan and called for the site developers to think about the consequences.

In reply to EcoLur’s question what kind of consequences the felling of Dilijan forests will have on the activation of landslips, Ruben Yadoyan mentioned that, in general, forests doesn’t permit the activation of landslips, while in case of Dilijan even one tree mustn’t be cut down.

14:26 December 09, 2013


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