Unclear and Badly Smelling Water Flowing from Taps in Dilijan

Unclear and Badly Smelling Water Flowing from Taps in Dilijan


Water from the taps in Dilijan resort town is muddy and smells badly. Only several months per year Dilijan resident have good water. Dilijan residents have been experiencing this problem for several months. This problem didn’t get its solution despite numerous alarm signals and applications addressed by the local residents to competent bodies.

According to www.aarhus.am, Dilijan Aarhus Center Coordinator Albert Haroyan has addressed a letter on behalf of the residents to Chairman of Public Services Regulatory Committee Robert Nazaryan, Chairman of Stat Committee on Water Industry of Agriculture Ministry Aram Harutyunyan and “Hayjrmughkoyughi” CJSC Director General Patrick Lauren, which says, “The problem of drinking water in Dilijan town has become more and more worrying recently. The town gets good drinking water only several months on a yearly basis. The problem gets worse in hot summers, when there is no water at all and in rainy seasons when we get muddy and badly smelling drinking water not complying with sanitary standards. All this matters the health of the community residents, as well as the health of thousand tourists, as well as destroys the community safety. In such a situation, the community residents are charged 180 AMD for one cubic/meter water for such poor service.

On behalf of thousands of Dilijan residents and guests, we would like to ask you,

1. to obligate “Hayjrmughkoyughi” CJSC to perform its obligations in accordance with its license,

2. to review price policy for water supply in Dilijan town,     

3. to obligate competent bodies to carry out comprehensive studies on the impact of such situation on the health of the community residents,

4. to obligate the competent bodies to compensate damages.”  

13:42 April 14, 2015


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