Accident with Toll during Qaghtsrashen Project Construction Works

Accident with Toll during Qaghtsrashen Project Construction Works


On 8 August 2017, an accident took place during the construction works of 'Qaghtsrashen Gravity Irrigation System' project in Azat Gorge, which resulted in the death of an Abovyan town resident, L.S.. Several hours after this accident EcoLur's shooting group was in the area of the construction works. As the eye witnesses told EcoLur, L.S was carrying out welding on the pipeline, when the dipper of the excavator didn't obey the instructions and fell down on the worker, who received heavy bodily damage. L.S. was taken to Yerevan with a Garni Ambulance, where he died in the surgery room.

It's a gross violation of Article 244 of RA Employment Code, 'Ensuring Normal Employment Standards', which resulted in the death.

We think that State Health Inspection of RA Health Ministry should draw up an act on this accident based on the in compliance of the Qaghtsrashen project with the requirements of RA Employment Code.

Qaghtsrashen gravity irrigation system project is implemented by State Committee on Water Industry of RA Ministry for Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resource with the funding of the World Bank.

13:24 August 09, 2017


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