Park Group LLC Employees Have 3 Days to Dalma Gardens Land Users To Free Land Areas

Park Group LLC Employees Have 3 Days to Dalma Gardens Land Users To Free Land Areas


The employees of Park Group LLC have suspended the eviction of Dalma Gardens landowners and demolition work on their land areas. Company-owned construction equipment was removed from the area. Halting demolition works, however, is temporary. Company representative Karen Alexanyan told EcoLur that land users were given three days to vacate the site.

Reminder: on December 24, the employees of Park Group LLC, with the support of Malatia police, began evicting Dalma Gardens landowners to build a family entertainment center in the area. They were opposed by elderly husbands who lived in a stone building on their land area in Dalma Gardens for more than 20 years. They have been involved in the improvement of the area for many years. They set up a garden, started cattle breeding.

"Where do I go with these animals? It is a product of 10 million AMD. They say to go and live with your son, he has a two-story house. Let's go and show them where they are living in. Ten people stay in one room. Shall I take these cows to the second floor too ” Zina asked angrily. She said that the representatives of Park Group Company had promised to compensate them, but the promises were not substantiated. Karen Alexanyan, a representative of Park Group LLC, said that other land users had been compensated on time - they had paid $2-5 per square meter. “We paid 74 residents. These people had leases. This family does not have it either, but it did not agree with our proposal,” he said.

It should be reminded that a number of NGOs have appealed to RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, RA Prosecutor General Arthur Davtyan and Yerevan Mayor Hayk Marutyan demanding to immediately suspend the construction of Park Group LLC in Dalma Gardens.

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December 25, 2019 at 10:41