Why Lake Sevan Bloomed Again?

Why Lake Sevan Bloomed Again?


EcoLur has received an 'ecoalarm' on its webpage about Lake Sevan blooming, 'It's already November, but Sevan is again getting green from the sun. They are still seeking to justify the ruthless wasting of the lake which is already ill saying that several centimeters is not a problem for Lake Sevan. This is what the alarm signal says beaten by Facebook user Mayis Margaryan.

EcoLur received clarifications on this alarm signal from Bardukh Gabrielyan, Head of Scientific Center for Hydroecology and Ichthyology, who particularly said, 'This blooming in Lake Sevan is the continuation of the blooming in the spring. Every year blooming happens in the fall but to a very small extent. In general, several factors coincide and give a sign of blooming, for example, temperature and amount of phosphorus. This is a sign that we should be alert and we have already mentioned that no games are allowed with the level of Lake Sevan. This is a sign that the lake level mustn’t be decreased. If it decreases, it will affect the temperature background. Besides that, we have climate change conditions: year by year the temperature is decreasing than it used to be. Under the conditions of the climate change, shores are washed away in parallel with the increase in the lake level and more organic substances are filled into the lake, If the lake level decreases, the concentration of organic substances in the lake increases, which results in the lake blooming.’

18:58 November 06, 2018


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