Anna Shahnazaryan Set Free From Kentron Police Division

Anna Shahnazaryan Set Free From Kentron Police Division


Several minutes ago environmental activist Anna Shahnazaryan was set free from Kentron Police Division where she taken for fundraising in the support of Amulsar protectors together with the volunteers of Armenian Environmental Front near the statue of Aram Khachatryan on 6 July.
Anna Shahnazaryan particularly mentioned, “They told me in the police there is a doubt of fraud and, in general, there are problems with fundraising and the doubt shall be investigated according to Article 180 of RA Criminal Code, if I’m not mistaken, which mainly refers to causing large pecuniary damage to the property through fraud. I can’t imagine now well how environmental activities will be perceived as fraud and how they will attempt to interpret it.”

It should be mentioned that the policemen had approached the volunteers and told them that the fundraising is illegal, conducted without permission and Anna Shahnazaryan was taken to Kentron Police Division in Yerevan.

00:06 July 07, 2019


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