Tree Felling in Mashtots Park

Tree Felling in Mashtots Park


An alarm signal was received Levon Zakaryan, a member of Yerevan Aldermen’s Council, beaten on Facebook that the construction company in Mashtots Park had cut down the trees in the park. Published photos show tree trunks covered with construction debris. In his telephone conversation with EcoLur, Levon Zakaryan said that he had been informed that the trees had allegedly been damaged and that the developer had a permit.

"Landscaping and Environmental Protection" NGO explained on its Facebook page what kind of works are going on in the park. "The owner of the cafe, which is being renovated at the beginning of Mashtots Park, has obliged to plant 9 plane trees in the area instead of the felled down 4 elms. According to experts, the felled down elms were unhealthy and not viable.

Photo redit: Levon Zaqaryan

13:29 August 01, 2020


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