Marmashen Monastery Complex Derelict

Marmashen Monastery Complex Derelict


Marmarashen Monastery complex is derelict, as Vahramaberd villager Samvel (Shirak Region), a candle seller, is beating an alarm signal in his interview with EcoLur. The complex is situated 2 km south-west from Vahramaberd Village, Shirak Region, on the left bank of the Akhuryan River. It’s one of the Armenian architectural monument groups: the large monument group includes the Catholicos Church, which is included in the UNESCO list. “Nobody is in charge of the monastery; just a priest has been appointed here for weddings. After the quake in 2001 the church was reinforced with the sponsorship of an Italian girl, whose mother was an Armenian, and the father is an Italian. Nothing has been done for the church so far,” Samvel said and mentioned that humidity in the church is gradually increasing. “I have always complained on different channels about the humidity, come and carry out some digging to find out where the water flows from. The humidity is getting more and more.” In reply to EcoLur’s question whether the humidity is not connected with SHPP development, the candle seller said, “I can’t say whether or not the SHPP causes humidity. The SHPP used to be humid, but not to this extent.” Reminder: Marmarasehn SHPP is developed by “Elbist” LLC.

12:59 September 13, 2013


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