Horizons of Groundwaters Violated in Ararat Valley

Horizons of Groundwaters Violated in Ararat Valley


Ararat artesian basin has three water layers, which are isolated from each other with certain geological conditions. The deepest is the third horizon, which is located at the depth of 90-400 meters. Only the water of the third horizon is usable, which is used for fish farming.

“They take the cleanest water from the deepest horizons which can be used as drinking water by the population. This clean water, which annually makes up 1 billion cum, is pumped out into surface, which flows into environment, rivers and we lose it,” Dean of the Faculty of Geography and Geology of YSU Marat Grigoryan said.

Nature Protection Minister Aramayis Grigoryan also took part in the workshop. EcoLur asked the minister, if he agrees with the opinion of the specialist and in reply the Minister said, “Currently we can’t eliminate fish farming, as the economy needs it, but we also can’t waste large amounts of water either. If we overexploit water resources, we will definitely have problems in future, but we are trying to abolish overexploitation concept. We are trying to use closed cycle system of circulation, which will result in great saving of water. With the President’s decree we liquidated many wells conserved them and these works still continue. After sometime you will see greater changes.”

“Even if we close down and ban taking water from deep horizons, we can’t regain the previous level of mineralization. It’s irreversible process: this water has become cleaner, filtered and accumulated. Now our task is to preserve this state. Taking water from these horizons for industrial purposes is impermissible, this water can only be used as drinking water for the population,” Marat Grigoryan told EcoLur.

November 11, 2015 at 17:05