"Khachaghbyur 1" and "Khachaghbyur-2" SHPPs Destroying Paghjur River Ecosystem

"Khachaghbyur 1" and "Khachaghbyur-2" SHPPs Destroying Paghjur River Ecosystem


"Khachaghbyur 1" and "Khachaghbyur-2" SHPPs are destroying the ecosystem of Paghjur River.

On 13 November the member of Pan-Armenian Environmental Front (PEF) visited the valley of Paghjur River and saw that the fish passway of "Khachaghbyur 1" operated by “Qarevard” LLC is completely dry, while "Khachaghbyur-2" SHPP operated by “MegaEnergy” LLC has completely deprived Paghjur River of water.

The PEF has beaten an alarm signal to the hotline of Nature Protection Ministry. “The surprising fact was that two hours after the alarms signal the some people came to the spot and opened the valves, and the river water started flowing in its natural riverbed. “Tougher sanctions must be imposed for environmental violations, especially for these such business entities,” PEF posted on FB.

It should be mentioned that"Khachaghbyur 1" and "Khachaghbyur-2" SHPPs pipes 22.58% of the Paghjur River thus creating a critical situation for the river.

"Khachaghbyur-2" SHPP

"Khachaghbyur-1" SHPP


The material was  developed in the frames of “Supporting reforms in the sector of small hydro power plants through enabling a dialogue between civil society  and the Ministry  of Nature Protection for sustainable use of river ecosystems” supported by UNDP/GEF Small Grants Programme".

18:00 November 14, 2014


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