Yenokavan Residents to Stage Protest Against 2nd Hydro-Plant

Yenokavan Residents to Stage Protest Against 2nd Hydro-Plant

Narek Alexanyan, Hetq

Residents of the rural community of Yenokavan say they will demonstrate in the village square on Saturday to voice their opposition to a mini-hydro electric plant now being constructed in their midst.

Yenokavan resident Haroutyun Niyazyan stated at a press conference that 20% of the community is employed in tourism related jobs and that an additional power plant would severely impact the local environment and the tourist trade.

One power plant already operated in the community.

Residents are demanding that an independent specialist be called in to assess the potential environmental damage.

Also at the press conference was environmentalist Levon Galstyan who claimed that the construction of the second plant had proceeded without the proper license from the RA Public Services Regulatory Commission.

Small water power plants pose real threat to Armenia's eco-systems


Small water power plants pose a real threat to Armenia's eco-systems, President of Ecolur NGO Inga Zarafyan told journalists on Thursday.

She said that there already are 140 small WPPS in Armenia, with 70 more being built. 

"They are building several plants on one and the same river. As a result, the rivers are being 'chained' with kilometers long pipes. This cannot but affect the bio-diversity of the nearby areas," Zarafyan said.

She said that some big companies are buying outdated licenses to build even more plants. 

"All this is being done under the cover of 'green energy' even though this has nothing to do with it. We suggest that the authorities stop these projects until they have a clear strategy in this field," Zarafyan said.

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17:10 September 14, 2012


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