"Aragats-1" SHPP Dried out Gegharot River


The Pan-Armenian Environmental Front has disseminated a press release and photos, which show how "Aragats-1" SHPP has dried out the Gegharot River.
It should be mentioned that "Aragats-1" SHPP is operated by “Vaculfo” LLC. According to the water usage permit, it should have an environmental flow of 0.06 cum/s in the river. The length of this SHPP pressure pipeline is 2350 meters. If water is not let out into the SHPP as the alarm signal says, it means that the river simply doesn’t exist for over 2 km.
“If it continues like this, we will have to take measures to recover such damage caused to environment on our own, which unfortunately was not feasible in case of this SHPP, as the steering wheel regulating the natural flow of the riverbed was locked. Otherwise we would simply raise the valve and restitute natural justice,” the press release particularly says.


September 13, 2016 at 14:38