RA General Prosecutor's Office Examining AEF Report on Kechout Reservoir

RA General Prosecutor's Office Examining AEF Report on Kechout Reservoir


Department for Protection of State Interests of General Prosecutor's Office is carrying out investigation in regard to the article published by the Armenian Environmental Front “Where Has Water from Kechout Reservoir Flown: Report to Law Enforcement and Governmental Bodies”.

The article was published on www.armecofront.net on 25 September, which says,

“In reply to out inquiry, the Water Committee has informed us that water is let out of Kechout reservoir for irrigation purposes with the gravity irrigation systems in Vayq and Yeghegnadzor irrigation systems. In the course of 2010-2017, around 618.2 million cubic meters were let out for this purpose, i.e. around 77 million cubic meters per year. These figures seemed very dubious for us and we extracted the data on the let out water volumes per month during these years.

When analyzing these data a crime is detected, which has been committed for years under the cronyism of highest state levels. As it turns out, over the recent 8 years 37.5% (231.63 million cum) of 618.2 million cum water let out of Kechout Reservoir for irrigation purposes was let out in a non-irrigation season – November, December, January, February and March. Moreover, around 60% of this water (137.21 million cum) was transferred to the Yeghegis River through Arpa-Sevan tunnel, while the other 94.42 million cum was transferred to Vayq gravity irrigation system.

These figures and facts come to prove that the water let out of Kechout reservoir through irrigation systems haven’t been used solely for irrigation purposes. It’s obvious that almost no irrigation is implemented in Vayots Dzor Region in the mentioned months and this water served other interests, particularly the SHPPs operating on the irrigation system aqueduct and the Yeghegis River. The use of water by other business entities is not excluded.”

September 26, 2018 at 18:45