Alarm Signal: Akhtala River Again Polluted
19:13 July 25, 2019 | SOS | Լոռի
The Akhtala River is polluted with unclear substances, which have probably leaked out of the mines. The river joins the Debed River and over 20 villages use this water to irrigate their orchards and currently they are using polluted water
SOS Dzoraget: Armanis Gold Mine Wastes Dumped into River
18:37 July 19, 2019 | SOS | Լոռի
A large number of dead fish has been found in the Dzoraget Tributary to the Chqnagh River, Lori Region, as “Lore EcoClub” NGO President Manya Meliqjanyan is beating an alarm signal on her FB page
Open Letter of
09:52 July 13, 2019 | SOS | Գեղարքունիք
Dear RA Prime Minister and Cabinet members, “SOS Sevan” Initiative is proposing the Armenian Government to take measures to save Lake Sevan. The members of this initiative are scientists, public figures, active citizens of Gegharkounik Region, representatives of Diaspora, who have
Voghji River Polluted with ZCMC Tails
18:38 July 08, 2019 | SOS | Սյունիք
On 7 July, EcoLur received the photo and video of the Voghji River, which shows how the river had turned into a gray colour
Strike at Agarak Copper and Molybdenum Combine Continuing
14:04 July 08, 2019 | SOS | Սյունիք
the strike is continuing in Agarak copper and molybdenum combine. Under this source, since the early morning the protestors have blocked the entrance to the administration office of the copper and molybdenum combine in Agarak
Anna Shahnazaryan Set Free From Kentron Police Division
00:06 July 07, 2019 | SOS | Երեւան
Several minutes ago environmental activist Anna Shahnazaryan was set free from Kentron Police Division where she taken for fundraising in the support of Amulsar protectors together with the
Jrarat Community Left Without Water
17:24 May 07, 2019 | SOS | Արմավիր
Jrarat Community in Armavir Region has been experiencing problems with irrigation water for over 10 years


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