Akhuryan Reservoir Fish Appeared in Armavir Fields

Akhuryan Reservoir Fish Appeared in Armavir Fields


Becuase of water outlets out of Akhuryan reservoir for irrigation purposes, you can find fish in the gorges and fields of Armavir Region, as Hovsep Ghazaryan is beating an alarm signal on Facebook posting photos and videos. In his interview with EcoLur, Hovsep Ghazaryan said that he shot his videos in the morning of 12 September in the gorge located between Argina and Qaraket communities, Armavir Region. There is dead fish over a distance of 1 km, thousands, I would say millions of dead fish. I have only shot only 0.01% of the fish. The fish comes from Akhuryan reservoir, which flew through Armavir main canal in the course of water outlets and filled into the gorges, streams and fields. The residents collect the fish with barrels, you can collect a barrel of fish under one stone. If we don't collect the fish, it will be left in the fields and get rotten, which will damage the harvest,' Hovsep Ghazaryan said. Armen Vardanyan, Head of Information and Public Relations Department of RA Nature Protection Ministry, said that they are aware of this alarm signal, but they can't take any measures, as the ministry doesn't have any inspection body.

According to Samvel Pipoyan, Professor at Biology and Teaching Methodology Department, Khachatur Abovyan Armenian State Pedagogical University, Dr. in Biological Sciences, 17-17 fish species live in Akhuryan Reservoir, including red-listed asp.

'The fish have either turned up in Akhuryan Reservoir by chance or have been let out and reproduced in large numbers,' Samvel Pipoyan mentioned.

Eduard Sargsyan, Deputy Director of 'Jrar' OJSC of State Committee on Water Industry informed EcoLur they have no commitment in regard to fish, as Akhuryan reservoir has been constructed and operated exclusively for irrigation purposes.

16:31 September 13, 2017


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