Alarm Signal from Yeghvard: "ArmOil" Not Executing Resolution of Inspection Body

Alarm Signal from Yeghvard:


On 20 July, EcoLur received an alarm signal from Nati neighborhood resident, Yeghvard Town that the construction of the oil processing plant by "ArmOil" is continuing. 'The construction of the plant is suspended by the law, but they work actively day and night, and even hired new people,' the resident beat an alarm signal.

EcoLur is addressing this alarm signal to Nature Protection Ministry and Soil Inspection Body. It should be mentioned that Inspection Body Head Arthur Grigoryan reached a decision on 16 July to suspend the construction of "ArmOil". The reason is that the company hasn't carried out any environmental impact assessment before launching the construction. According to RA Law 'On Environmental Impact Assessment and Expertise', oil processing production is subject to expertise as an activity of highest risk - Category A.

17:16 July 20, 2018


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