Monitoring Findings of "Darbas SHPP 2" SHPP (Photos)

Monitoring Findings of


In the frames of "Supporting New Reforms in SHPP Sector through CSO-Government Dialogue" project, the expert group visited "Darbas SHPP 2" SHPP, which is located in the administrative area of Darbas Community, Syunik Region, Armenia. The SHPP is constructed on the Loradzor Tributary to the Vorotan River, the length of which is 23 km. " Darbas SHPP 2" SHPP is operated by "AFAMIA" LLC.


• The water intake section constructed on the river should be reconstructed in a way so as to ensure the passage of the environmental flow through the fish passway into the river irregardless of the purpose of the water intake.
• To construct the stair-like fish passway laid down in the project.
• To regularly clean the sediment load and the silt in the water intake section (fish passway and dam) and to unblock the course of the fish passway.
• Taking into consideration water demands for irrigation (the irrigation of Getatagh and Darbas communities are carried out in the river section used for the SHPP, for which 120 l/s water is used and 80% of water loss exists), it’s necessary to review the hydroeconomic estimates as the SHPP factually ensures 640 kW capacity instead of the 904 kW projected capacity and uses maximum 900 l/s of water amount instead of the set 1500l/s s water amount.
• To have water-meter equipment for online data transmission sealed by relevant water basin territorial management unit of Department for Water Resources of RA Nature Protection Ministry, through which the online transmission data will be ensured, as well as the water amount used by the SHPP and control and supervision of the environmental flow.
• To re-equip the SHPP with technically more efficient aggregates, which will have entirely automated management system and operate with less water amount.
• To equip the transformers with oil-collecting system.
• To discharge household wastewater in the set procedure through a water-proof well.
• To carry out greening in the station area.

The material was developed in the frames of “Supporting new reforms in SHPP sector through CSO-government dialogue” supported by UNDP/GEF Small Grants Programme".

18:36 December 15, 2017


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