Shatin Residents Blocked Road Boycotting Against SHPPs

Shatin Residents Blocked Road Boycotting Against SHPPs


The situation in Shatin Village, Vayots Dzor Region, is tense: the villagers have blocked the road leading to Vardenyats Mountain Pass boycotting against the SHPPs being constructed on the Yeghegis River.

As 'Jermuk Development Center' NGO Co-Chairman Vazgen Sargsyan said in his interview with EcoLur, on 3 June an arrangement was reached with Shatin residents that the construction of 4 SHPPs on the Yeghegis River will be stopped, and the issue of operating SHPP will be reviewed. Nevertheless, this arrangement was breached and the construction of SHPPs continued at night.

Today newly-appointed Vayots Dzor Regional Head Aragats Saghatelyan arrived at the scene to negotiate with the residents. Under Vazgen Galstyan, the local residents didn't want to listen to the regional head. Besides, they were demanding the resignation of Community Head Arthur Stepanyan.

Photo by Eliza Zakharyan,

18:28 June 04, 2018


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