Why Teghut Mine Should not be Exploited

Why Teghut Mine Should not be Exploited


“Around 2000 ha of forest territory is subject to elimination due to Teghout mine development, if not more. Estimates show that 1580 ha of forest areas have been provided for mine development. One thing was not taken into consideration: the area of the open mine should make up around 240 ha and their upper forests will get dry due to losing water. It means that about 200 ha of forests will be destroyed for mine development,” told EcoLur Hrachya Avagyan, Chief Specialist at the Institute of Economics of NAS RA, Dr in Geological Sciences. Besides, he mentioned that the mine prospection had been carried out with many drawbacks.

“Rhenium, which is very valuable and precious stone in copper and molybdenum mines is not assessed in this mine. Thus, we will lose about 125 million USD,” Hrachya Avagyan said. He also stressed out the harmful impact of toxic elements in the tailing dumps, “Around 900 tons of toxic elements will be dumped with pyrite ore and another 2000 tons of copper ore will be dumped in the form of remainders, which pose great hazard.” The specialist also outlined that mine has arsenic and antimony, which dissolve under the influence of the sulphuric acid, get modified and generate stibin and arsin toxic gaes, which are very hazardous and lethal.

April 18, 2013 at 12:59

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