Public Environmental Court to Try Case on Teghout Copper and Molybdenum Mining Case

Public Environmental Court to Try Case on Teghout Copper and Molybdenum Mining Case


Upon the initiative of “EcoLur” Informational NGO, Public Environmental Court will try the case of “Consequences of Teghout Copper and Molybdenum Mining” at “Karin” Hall”, “Ibis” Hotel at 13:30 on 11 March 2019. Teghout Copper and Molybdenum mining has led to the deterioration of the environmental state in Shnogh and Teghout villages, Lori Region, the pollution of soil and water with heavy metals and escalation in social and health state, which has led to the failure of socio-economic development of the local communities. At the court hearing, the following will be tried:

1. The participation and liability for the current situation of the ex Armenian government and state competent bodies – RA Nature Protection Ministry, RA Ministry for Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources, RA Agriculture Ministry, RA Ministry for Emergency States, RA Ministry for Territorial Administration and Development, RA Health Ministry.

2. Non-adherence of the requirements of the Armenian legislation by “Teghout’CJC and Vallex Group.

3. The situation established as a result of not assessing economic, health and environmental risks.

The aim of public environmental court proceedings is to administer public justice over environmental crimes left unpunished so far in Armenia and to send the verdict of the public court to RA law enforcement bodies to proceed with them and to hold liable the offending officials of the previous governments having issued permit to business entities demonstrated illegal and irresponsible operations.

14:48 March 07, 2019


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