“Teghout Support” Civic Initiative: Teghout Mine Developed without permit, Properties of Crime Available

“Teghout Support” Civic Initiative: Teghout Mine Developed without permit, Properties of Crime Available


“Teghout Support” Civic Initiative has disseminated a statement about a crime. We speak about Teghout copper and molybdenum mine in Lori Region. The initiative presents a number of facts about the illegal development of the mine. The statement of “Teghout Support” Civic Initiative says, “On 10 July 2010 “Armenian Copper Program” (ACP) Company has applied to internationally known “Environmental Resource Management” ERM organization for the latter to carry out the re-assessment of project documents. When carrying out the re-assessment of the project documents the ERM guided by the Armenian legislation, provisions and standards provided by the standards of the World Bank. The results of the re-assessment revealed the dark sides of positive opinion of the environmental impact expert assessment approved by then Nature Protection Minister Vardan Ayvazyan in 2006, but also made it clear that at present the mine is development according to a completely new project drawn up in 2010, which has been drawn up with the help of “Strathcona”, “Micromine” and “Cavoshgaren” international consulting companies. The project of 2010 hasn’t undergone the procedures prescribed by the law and didn’t undergo any environmental expertise. In other words, Teghout mine development is implemented without any expert assessment.

· The diameters and depth were changed in the project of 2010, particularly the project of 2006 lays down the depth of the open mine 432 meters, while the new project of 2010 the depth of the open mine makes up 890 meters.

· According to the project of 2006, during opencast mining from 100,000,000 to 120,000,000 tons of waste ores will be produces, which equals to 86,000,000 square meters. The new project doesn’t contain sufficient information on the increased amount of waste ores.

· The territory designed for the waste ores made up 107.4 ha, while under the new project, this territory should make up 162 ha territory.

· Under the project of 2006, 214 ha territory was designed for locating mining wastes, where 173,00,000 square meters of tails should be dumped (toxic wastes). Nevertheless, the territory needed for the tails under the project of 2010 should make up 250-280 ha, as mining volumes will be added.

· According to the letter received from Nature Protection Staff Head E. Pirumyan, “The amended project of Teghut mine development for 2010 hasn’t been submitted to Nature Protection Ministry for environmental impact expert assessment.” The same letter also informs that the Nature Protection Ministry State Environmental Inspection hasn’t carried out any inspections in Teghut mine.

It’s over two years Teghoout mine has been developed without a permit causing huge material damage to the Republic of Armenia, Teghout and Shnogh communities and community residents. We think that the activities of state competent bodies mine developing company administration contain properties of crime.

This document is a report about crime, which should be investigated as prescribed by Article 185 of Criminal Procedure Code of Armenia. All the relevant documents and substantiations will be submitted to the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Armenia and Special Criminal Investigation Department.

December 17, 2012 at 17:01

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