Alarm Signal: Cemetry Defaced in Teghout: Vallex Group Commenting

Alarm Signal: Cemetry Defaced in Teghout: Vallex Group Commenting

The Pan-Armenian Environmental Front is beating an alarm signal that the Vallex Group in defacing the cemetery in Teghout. The video shows that something was collecting the bones. In reply to the question where he was taking the bones, whether for expertise, the reply was he was taking them to bury. He also said that the way to the cemetery was closed by Teghout CJSC. 'The territory is a historical-cultural zone, i.e. a cemetery, it has been destroyed, as they were doing something there and we shot a video what was going on there,' said Shoghakat Vardanyan.
Vallex Group replied to the editorial staff, that, as a matter of fact, there is an old cemetery in the project territory. But after the traces of this cemetery were detected the works were stopped unless the scholars carry out studies what this heritage is like. 'During laying pipelines, we found traces of burials. We invited specialists from the Institute of Ethnography and they found out that there were traces of burials dating back to 300-500 years. And under the initial assessment, they doesn't have any archeological value,' said Vallex Group Public Relations Officer Vahram Avagyan.

15:09 July 09, 2013


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