Honey Fair in Shnogh Attracted Foreigners But Not Local Officials

Honey Fair in Shnogh Attracted Foreigners But Not Local Officials


The honey fair in Shnogh Village held on 7 September turned out to be a real holiday of “green” economy. Shnogh and Teghout villagers were standing behind the nicely decorated counters and presented different types of honey, fruit, pictures and handicraft. Dozens of people attracted by “Teghout Support” civic initiative activists visited the village. The main aim was to show that the current development of Teghout is not Teghout mining, but sustainable development of agriculture, which may support the farmers if business is correctly organized. Amateur ensembles also visited the village, where the audience joined the professional dancers.

The fair agenda included a visit to the territory of Teghout project, which is implemented by Vallex Company. Reminder: although the officially approved of forest area to be felled down is 357 ha, the specialists of Economics Institute of NAS RA suppose, that far more area will be cut down – over 2000 ha. The forest is being felled down and infrastructures are built on the spot instead. The frameworks of the processing plant are ready. The future plant is being constructed next to the copper and molybdenum mine on the top of the mountain. Industrial wastes in the form of tails will be dumped nearby, while the tails will be dumped downwards, in the gorge, where the construction of the largest tailing dump is near to be finished with a capacity of around 500 million cubic meters.

The US ambassador Mr. John Heffern also visited the fair with a group accompanying him. No official reception was planned: the guests spoke to the villagers, bought honey and left. Unfortunately, the Armenian officials ignored the honey fair. Even the representatives of Lori regional administration didn’t visit it, as they were not interested how to help the rural villagers, while PM, ministers and regional governors all time speak about their hard condition.

Soon EcoLur will display a video where you can\o learn more how the fair passed and what the US Ambassador to Armenia, Shnogh Village head Hovik Sahakyan, local bee keepers, activists and visitors thinks about this event.

September 09, 2013 at 12:56

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