"Vallex" Group's Response to EcoLur's Questions on Environmental and Social Problems in Teghut and Shnogh Communities


"Vallex" Group responded to EcoLur’s questions on the environmental and social problems in Teghut and Shnogh.

EcoLur: What measures are taken by “Teghut” CJSC not to allow the pollution of Shnogh River?

Vallex Group: The pollution of the Shnogh River is conditioned with the heavy precipitation and fast melting in January-February 2016, so the company had to carry out controlled water outlets out of basin to avoid any breakdown. In order to prevent similar situations in future the number of pumps in the circulating pumping station has been added with one fixed and one reserve pumps.

EcoLur: How many people does the company employ from Teghout and Shnogh communities and how many employees have been made redundant and why?

Vallex Group: Currently “Teghut” CJSC has 1180 employees, out of which 223 are from Shnogh and Teghut communities. The number of the employees made redundant as of late October makes up 131 people from Shnogh and 75 people from Teghout. Around 70% has been made redundant due to the accomplishment of construction and dismantling works and around 30% has resigned. 22 Teghout residents and 8 Shnogh residents have resigned to get employment in “Vallex Tour” CJSC.

EcoLur: How man hectares of forest have been cut down starting from the launch of Teghout project, how much forest has been planted and what’s the percentage of tree grafting.

Vallex Group: As of 31.12.2015, the felling of forest cover was carried out in the total area of 197.1 ha and reforestation works in the total area of 464.9 ha. The results of the inventory in 2015 showed the grafting of trees made up:
• 60-65% in 6 sections in “ArmForest” SNCO,
• 48% in Lernahovit community,
• 49% in Arjut community,
• 70% in Shnogh community,
• 60% in Odzun community.

EcoLur: How many hectares of orchards do you plan to plant in Teghout and Shnogh communities and how many hectares of orchards have already been planted?

Vallex Group: According to Reforestation plan and based on the relevant programme submitted by community head, it has considered feasible to establish orchards in 180 ha within the administrative areas of Shnogh and Teghout communities, which is included in the total area of 714 ha subject to reforestation. At the end of 2015 the first programme of establishing orchards was launched, according to which “Teghout” CJSC funded the establishment of orchards in 10 ha of agricultural land areas owned by community residents.
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November 16, 2016 at 13:24