Upcoming Mining Project Divided Tsaghkashat into Two Parts

Upcoming Mining Project Divided Tsaghkashat into Two Parts

Karine Simonyan, www.azatutyun.am

Tsaghkashat village, a village surrounded with forests, is currently discussing about opencast copper mining project by “Vallex” Company, which should stretch from Teghut from Tsaghkashat.

Tsaghkashat resident Gohar Dallaqyan has four children. In the summer older children gather berries thus increasing their income, besides cattle breeding. She opposes that Tsaghkashat shall turn into mining center, as Teghout is, and the nature is destroyed.

Another Tsaghkashat resident, Ararat Piruzyan, is impatiently waiting for the mine opening in the village and has high hopes. She says nature has its place, but they have no living means.

The Aldermen’s Council discussed this problem with the community and though they gave their agreement to geoprospecting in the administrative area of the village, they oppose to the mining and are going to address letters to the Regional Head, Government and President. Village Head Hrachik Paranyan says that still in the Soviet period the area was investigated and even uranium reserves were detected, but the nature was left untouched and not turned into mining zone. The Village head is sure that this tie the soil reserves will be enough for the company and the forests they have will turn into a mine.

13:11 September 02, 2015


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