Teghout Residents: Our Premiere Spent 15 Million USD from Budget for Advice How To Wash Cow Udder, While These Modest People Say in Drams

Teghout Residents: Our Premiere Spent 15 Million USD from Budget for Advice How To Wash Cow Udder, While These Modest People Say in Drams


Recently the meeting of “Vallex Group” Company representatives was held with stakeholders in Teghout Village, Lori Region, in regard with Teghout copper and molybdenum mine development. During the meeting Assistant to “Vallex Group” General Director Vahram Avagyan stated that the company had made investments in the amount of 60 million AMD for performing social programs in Teghout and Shnogh Villages in 2013. In reply to the question what the money was spent on, Teghout Village Head Frunze Norikyan said, “I can reply. We have new garbage bins placed…” But the company representatives listed the construction of a playing field, the reconstruction of military classroom at school and the reconstruction of a school lab etc (in both villages). The figure of 60 million surprised many locals: in reply to EcoLur’s question whether they felt changes equal to such sum, the locals answered, “What millions? This playing field or school labs cost millions? Just have a look if there are millions. We haven’t seen investments of millions…More dust, cut off water and destroyed roads – if this costs 60 millions, no comment…So modest people, why 60 million and not 360 million… I don’t know but they caused damage for 600 million, while we breathed in dust for 60 million,” Teghout residents said. “I agree with some investments – physics lab, a playing field etc, but we need investments, which would solve socio-economic problems. The company must implement a socio-economic program, present a problem and solve it. Problem can’t be solved just by painting gates,” said Avet Avetyan, member of the Aldermen’s Council of Teghout Community. In reply to the question why the residents didn’t take part in the meeting organized by the company and why they didn’t raise the questions they were concerned with, the reaction was as follows, “Who to tell to? Them? What to tell them? Nowadays people can freely leave for Turkey, but we must get a permit from the company to get to our holy places. They organize discussions whenever they need. The hearings are held on paper like 60 millions. The company is exploiting people. We have been fighting long to work for eight hours, but they make us work twice as much, and nobody pays for it…” The residents compared the investments made by Vallex to the Premiere’s activities, “The Prime Minister spent 15 million USD from the budget to give advice to villagers. During milking he told us to wash cow udder and it cost us 15 million USD. They are modest, at least say in Drams,” Teghout residents said.

15:06 January 23, 2014


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