Vallex Group Launching New Stage of Teghout Program in 2014

Vallex Group Launching New Stage of Teghout Program in 2014


In May-April 2014 “Teghout” CJSC Company, which a part of Vallex Company Group, intends to accomplish the construction and dismantling works of the ore processing plant and to proceed to the development stage of Teghout mine, as Teghout” CJSC Company Deputy Director General Ruben Papoyan stated at the meeting in Teghout community.

The company has already laid the pipeline, which has a length of 78 meters, through which the water from the Debed River will flow to the pre processing plant. Under Ruben Papoyan, the company intends to take 7 million cubic meters of water from the Debed River per year. 

The works are planned to be accomplished in April 2014. Around 0.7-0.8 ha of forest has been cut down to lay a pipeline.

Ruben Papoyan also presented the company works to the meeting participants they have carried out since 2005. “Since 2005 the company has launched prospecting works and construction and preparators works have been launched since 2007. Concreting and iron-concreting works, dismantling works and ground works have been carried out so far, including 2013. The investments made in Teghout project made up 210 million AMD allotted by VTB Bank, the total amount of investments made up 280 million AMD.”

At the meeting questions and problems of interest to public and locals were discusses, which EcoLur will cover in its next publications. To be continued…

January 22, 2014 at 13:16

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