Right To Use Water Violated: Shnogh and Teghout Villagers Complaining

Right To Use Water Violated: Shnogh and Teghout Villagers Complaining


The water of Shnogh River is polluted with industrial waste leaks from Teghout copper and molybdenum mine, which causes great concerns of the locals, as Teghout and Shnogh villagers complained at the meeting organized by “Teghout” CJSC. 

According to the residents, it’s impossible to use the river water for irrigation purposes. “Mines don’t have any sediment traps, they just have several baths. We can see they don’t have any cleaning facility and the water comes and flows into the river: it’s impossible to use this water any more,” Shnogh villagers said.

The representatives of “Teghout” CJSC admitted that Shnogh River is polluted with the leaks resulting from the accident of secondary purification basin in the mine. They said they have already proceeded to the solution to the problem.

The next complaint of the residents is the redundancy: “My son has defended the Armenian border for 2 months in Talish, but his father has been fired. What shall we do? Shall we emigrate? If we have to emigrate, then why my son has to defend this land?...Redundancy is also facing me. They say the combine experiences financial problems, that’s why I’m in the reserve now. I’ve come here to complain about it…” the residents said.

Another complaint was related with the restriction of their right to move freely. The residents can’ move through the mine area to the complex, holy places etc. 

“They have put a gate on the road and we can’t even enter our holy places: they’ve blocked the road and we can’t enter forest,” the villagers complained.

14:12 August 03, 2016


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